Friday, December 31, 2010

Meet Marin

Evan and I have had puppy fever lately. We couldn't stop talking about dogs, which ones we liked, and when we would finally get our own. The dogs in our life are so great... Molly, Oscar, June, Dublin, Mable, Larry... we just wanted one of our own. So since Frenchy's vans have lately been instructing Dentonites to go visit the very full animal shelter, we did. Who are we to argue with Frenchy?

Meet Marin.

Or as Evan likes to call her: Marin Augusta Burke.

At the Denton Animal Shelter she was in a cage alone, curled up, and quiet. We fell in love immediately.

Just look at that face!

We've been watching the Dog Whisperer like crazy and just storing up facts and strategies to use. We've both already been "calm and assertive" today and I think we're gonna make great pack leaders. Cesar would be so proud.

Today has gone great so far. She threw up on me in the truck on the way home. Hilarious now. Very disgusting then. I gagged so much, Evan had to do most of the cleaning. This is probably great preparation for motherhood. We went for a walk in the park and did some Sit and Stay commands that she seemed to catch onto pretty quickly.

Next up: potty training.  It's sure to be good times in the Burke house for the next couple weeks!

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