Monday, May 23, 2011

"Daylor" Wedding

Our good friends Darrell and Taylor were married last week. I often have issues speaking and for some reason couples names run together in my head...therefore they are lovingly known as Daylor. My sweet friends Gabe and Megan are Gaben.... you get the picture.

They're married now, so its okay to combine their names. They are one.

Way back when, Taylor had asked me to help with the flowers at the happy event. I eagerly said yes, because I love any excuse to decorate, arrange and have fun with flowers. Plus I knew Taylor would be a great bride to work with. The first project was her bridal bouquet for pictures. This was the test run. I think it turned out gorgeous. So did her pics by Matt McElligott.

For the wedding, she decided on a very eclectic, laid back look. I loved her take on "colors." She chose a palette of colors and just let everything fall into place. For the table decor nothing really matched per se, but we had a general theme. Glass bottles and burlap. Twine and baby's breath. Herbs and rustic colors.
The baby's breath hanging out in the fridge. 
We started by collecting tons of glass bottles. Beer bottles, wine bottles, mason jars, anything really. This meant the boys got to play a part in emptying the bottles, so they were on board instantly. I soaked so many labels off of bottles my hands were pruny and I know Taylor did even more. But it was worth it.

Lots of bottles all over our porch. One man's junk....

Can be used beautifully! 

This was the lay out for the tables... just to make sure I had enough to go around.
I really enjoyed the whole process of planning, set up, arranging and being involved behind the scene. Evan was a huge help and our home group really came together to throw a great party. It was a super fun weekend!

My sink full of FLOWERS. Best its ever looked. 

Bridesmaids putting together their bouquets. 

The finished bouquets... so much happiness! 
The next day, Evan and I packed up to get to the venue bright and early.

This is where the husband and the truck came in handy. 
The work station. I took this kitchen over! 
This was a true family and friends affair. As soon as I had a few table setting arranged in kitchen, there were about five girls ready to run them out to the tables. So fun to work with all those friends.
A few pics of how it looked: The cake and desert table. 

A few weeks before we made the moss balls. The hard work paid off, they add a fun touch. To make: get styrofoam balls, moss and lots of hot glue. Make huge mess. Done. 
Very laid back and natural... like Taylor!

Bride and her maids with their personalized bouquets. 
Luis and Anna (our good friends) and my wonderfully helpful husband. 
Happy wedding and marriage to Darrell and Taylor! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day! I think the best part of the wedding may be their video by CandleLight Films. Here's a sneak peak of all the action. Watching this makes me wish I had one of these!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mondays with Marin 3.0

Marin has several tricks up her sleeve paw that keep us entertained for hours (don't judge...she really is amazing). But on Saturday night, Marin learned a new trick and she had a little help from her crazy owner (if you're wondering, it's not me).

It all started when Evan found these at the church.

If it was me, I'd take one look at them and the only thought to enter my head would be, "I was so awkward on those in junior high...stupid rollerblading fad. Thank goodness it went out of style and I could save my dignity." And I would keep walking....

But my wonderful husband is not like me and never passes up an opportunity to do something random/funny/dangerous... so for him the logical thought was to stop, pick them up, and try them on.   In a stroke of luck (in his mind), they fit.

Way cooler than the plastic buckles my old skates had....

This leads to him getting his rollerblading groove back on in the church youth room. He came home with tales of 180s and skating backwards without falling... his confidence was soaring. With a Caesar Milan twinkle in his eye, Evan tells me of his next plan.

Rollerblading with Marin.

She wasn't into it at first, but she warmed up eventually. The skates themselves freaked her out but, I honestly think she was scared for Evan. Or maybe nervous he would fall on her. Either way, she was forced to tag along.

Notice the dress socks...

I walked with them for a while and then turned them loose, fully expecting to bust out the neosporin and bandaids upon their return, but just not wanting to see it happen in person.

Happily, my very sweaty husband and still very confused Marin came back with no scratches. It was a success!

So, to add to her repertoire of sit, stay, and shake, Marin can now say that she's fully capable of safely running beside an insane guy on wheels.

Way to go, MD. He's a lot to keep up with.

Done with the craziness. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Ode to Carroll Blvd.

We are moving at the end of May.

Evan has a fab new job down the road a bit in Keller. We are crazy blessed to have an amazing deal at the Watervue apartments down there... so we're packing up our lives, just short of one year of marriage, downsizing a bit, and making the change.

Of course, I'm nervous-slash-excited. All my emotions have slashes... I'm never just one thing.

I am sad to leave the first house of our married lives, but I'm excited to see Evan thrive in his new job. It has been such a gift to get to live in this little square home for the past year.

I miss Carroll-house and her quirks.

I will miss the roar of the traffic as people speed down Carroll. (It's 40 mph, people, not 60!)

 I will miss people parking in our front yard and in our backyard during home group and getting to see the ruts from their tires the rest of the week... it has kept me mindful of our good friends.

I will miss all the great moments, tough conversations, laughter, and tears Evan and I shared in this house. This house was like a third member of our marriage...when she had issues, we had issues. (Naturally the house was bumped to fourth with the addition of Marin.)

The quirks it brought to our relationship will be treasured. The falling toilet seat. The backwards light/fan switches. The almost-frozen pipe fiasco. Running across six lanes of traffic to go on a "peaceful" evening walk. The slightly creepy "Happy 21st Birthday Love Ya, Patty" message that appears after you shower and WILL NOT come off the bathroom mirror, try as I may.

We've seen some crazy things in this house!

And you may think I'm being sarcastic. I'm not. I genuinely love this stuff about where we live. It seems so "us" at this point. I'm wondering how our new home will match up. Granted, the complex has a dog park, pool, sidewalks, and a (apartment-sized) fenced in backyard... but will it be "us" like good old Carroll?

Not the best first impression.
Looking back, this was not the house I initially wanted to live in. Isn't that funny? I thought I knew better.... silly me.

We looked at several other places around Denton and the Lord continued to be very clear that the Carroll house was it. I must say, after our intense work day and overhaul by Habern Landscape, it became a much more welcoming idea.

Scroll back to the picture above  if you need a reminder of the jungle! 

Here are a few before and afters because I've been wanting to do this for a while....
Kitchen... so much potential. Once that curtain was gone. 

Evan graciously agreed to let me paint the kitchen what I call "Menton, France shutter-green." It makes me happy everyday. Add in the curtains Blanche helped me sew and our garage sale bargain table... and it's the perfect place.

Very dark maroon in the office. My red raider wouldn't let that stay. And the 2%er in me hated it too.
This angle doesn't do the office justice, but the yellow is much happier and Marin is a camera hog.

Cute little empty living room. I had no idea when I took this "scouting" pic just how much time I'd be spending here.
This is the current state of the living room. No promises that it will look like this next week.
Very tiny master bedroom....
that amazingly fit all our stuff just right.
A year can go by so fast.
Life can collect so many objects.
I can let go of "stuff" but I desperately want to hang onto all of the memories.

Carroll-house, this is what I want to say to you:

You've been great. We will miss you and your wonderful cabinets. Thanks for everything (except the ants).
From now on, we will honk at you when we drive by. Please try to keep the neighbors from growing anything illegal and I'm sorry I never planted flowers. Please be good to your next residents.

Yours Truly,

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mondays with Marin 2.0

Just to tide you over, because I know you're dying for more pics of the dog....

Marin got in on some of the makeover action last weekend.

Marin and the stool before...
and after... I think you can sense that she knows it's more stylish to sit on the stool in its made-over state. Before it was just odd to sit on such a small seat. Now it's not weird at all....

Friday, May 13, 2011

Before and After

Evan and I love to find random stuff at garage sales. The table I am sitting at actually was probably our best find yet. You can tell it was well-loved (read: scratched by wild animals) in its previous life, but it fits our kitchen perfectly and most important-- it was dirt cheap!

 I knew Evan and I were a good match when he told me that one of his favorite things about me was my ability to see potential in junk. Ahhh... true love. 

It wasn't exactly true love when I met this stool. 

Stained cushion didn't do anything to win me over...

But, to give him credit, he was free. I thought a little makeover might work wonders. The wood was in decent condition and I knew I'd get to use my staple gun. Decision made. 

Notice the grandma-esque plastic feet added on.

Turns out, this little stool spruced up quite nicely.  A few coats of dark stain and a scrap of fabric I had left over from another project and voila! Brand new stool. 

Plastic footies gone, dark ebony finish, and fun flowers!

I have no idea where to put it, but who can turn down free furniture? 

The little stool in action!