Monday, April 18, 2011

Mondays with Marin

To try to keep this blog from being overly dog focused, I'm only going to allow Marin-centric posts on Mondays. If we are this obsessed with our dog, what's going to happen when we have a human child?! Brace yourselves.

Marin did hit a landmark this past week. She turned one! At least, we think she did. Rescuing a pound puppy has so many perks, but exact dates and pre-adoption info is very lacking. Oh well. We guesstimated and celebrated April 10th as Marin Day. She got a few things to chew on and destroy and a trip to the park.

She is such a good dog and I know I owe a lot of this to Evan and his Caesar-like ways, but I just never dreamed I would be able to run and walk with my dog off the leash and play fetch out in the open in a park as people walk by. It makes me feel so powerful and in control. My childhood pal, Corky, bless her little chubby heart, never really could do anything besides go to her kennel on command. I distinctly remember trying to run a mile with Corky one day and carrying her about half the time just to make it back home. Not my most confident and in control moment.

Marin has made both of us feel awesome and we often say that our kids better be as obedient as Marin because we are so spoiled now.

Here is our little one year old... I've been storing up some cute pics just for this....

Asleep on her new bed and confiscated pillow. I think she looks like a little kid here. Too cute.

This is NOT poop. It is the remains of toy number 5 that has succumb to Marin's super power teeth. 

Out hiking in Denton. She carries her own water, ball for playing, my phone and keys. People stare and that's okay. She is so hard core! 

Evan hates this, but recently when I was sick Marin cuddled with me on the bed.  She is a little snuggler. 

Look at me, I'm one!! 

Posing for her birthday picture. 

We helped move some of my parents furniture and had a pile of towels and blankets from the truck on the floor. She decided this was way better than her bed. She's been in this spot for about three days now. 

Happy Birthday Marin!


  1. Marin is so cute! Taffy and her will have to meet some day. I'm sure they'd be amiche :)