Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mondays with Marin...the Graduate

After two months of practicing, clicking, treat bags, a barking fiasco and lots of hard work.... Marin graduated!!

She passed her intermediate class with flying colors. She is an excellent student, I must say. So without further ado, here are the ridiculously cute and "only for the humans" pictures from graduation day.

We probably should have had a practice day with the hats....she's not used to accessories.  
The graduate! 

Marin with her diploma.

I'm such a proud mom! 
We had to go through stations that asked for different commands to get MD's diploma.
We "waited" at the door with no problem.
She "heeled" without blinking.
The "come" from 20 feet and "stay" from 20 feet were both equally easy.
Marin loves "going to bed" on her blanket.
The only one we had to repeat was the "sit" for one minute. Sixty seconds is a really long time if you're a dog... on the cat food aisle... with other dogs barking at you... and people walking by. Who could blame her for needing a second attempt?!

Ah, the blooper reel. Her face cracks me up! 

Overall, I am very proud of MD and very proud of us for sticking it out and raising/training a loving little terrier mix. We are well on our way to the Canine Good Citizen certificate. Onto the advanced lessons!

But first, our little meatball will enjoy a much deserved peanut butter-filled Kong. You go girl.

Doesn't she just look smarter already?!

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