Saturday, September 3, 2011

Princess and the Pea

Last weekend our little diva forced me to get creative.

After sewing her a dog bed cover several months ago (which proved how lacking my sewing skills really are in comparison to Evan's), Marin decided she didn't like that bed anymore and had taken to sleeping in our basket of blankets when we weren't looking.

This was problematic for a few reasons. As much as we love Marinara, we do not want her little black fur all over our comfy blankets. Sweet MD also has a slight "leaking" problem. It only happens when she is napping. Who wants a basket with "leak" covered blankets?! Not me.

So, after trying to take cues from our little diva dog on what she likes about the basket, I decided to try to please her and save our blankets.

I needed a space that felt enclosed and was really plush... these were her demands. I wanted something cheap and easy to wash.

Enter the suitcase.

I got this suitcase from my grandma. It has her initials from before she was married. R.C. = Ruth Campbell. I love that detail. But, as sweet and sentimental as this suitcase was to me, it is not in good shape. The back panel is peeling off and all the lining (green silk) had started to fade to an odd rust color. It had just served as a storage place.... until now.

I ripped out some odd metal pieces that I could never figure out the purpose for and covered the rusty silk with material from an old skirt. I have long loved the pattern on the skirt which I bought in a flea market in Italy. You may be thinking, "Wow, how cool. Vintage Italian fabric." Not quite. I found the H&M tag after I purchased it. Nevertheless, good memories.

Had to make sure she fit!

Enclosed space = check.

For the plush part, I took Evan's old comforter and shoved it inside a random silky pillowcase I've had for years.

Voila! Bed is complete! Totally free! My fabric hoarding came in handy.

Ms. Marin loved the suitcase. She has slept in it and napped in it for the past week.

She loved it so much.... she ate it.
Comfy AND tastes good. Who knew?!

Now we have little clumps of old green leather on the floor.  Ah, well. It was a cute while it lasted. 

Her next bed will just come from Walmart.

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