Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, MD!

Marin Dog turned 2 today! Of course, this is a made up birthday. We have no way of knowing exactly how old our pound puppy really is, but April 10th is her special day. So to go along with this ridiculous made up birthday, I thought I would put together a cheesy post about the birthday girl!

We know its silly to celebrate a dog as much as we do, but this animal has brought us much love, lots of laughter, and has been a special treat to our lives. We will always adore our first "baby." Some people thought we were crazy to get a sickly pit bull, but she's been so wonderful.

Look at how far she's come!
First day bringing her home. She weighed a whopping 23lbs.

Look at that skinny face!

Playing in her first backyard.

And you can see the mange is this picture. Poor baby was so sad when we got her.
And now look at this grown up girl.
Traveling to new states...Hiking in the mountains...And carrying her own pack.

She looks like a little panther... No mange here!
Graduating from intermediate obedience class.
Marin has been with us through lots of changes. She's lived in 4 different homes- which meant different jobs for us and different cities. She was my constant through those changes. Truly. Jesus and Marin got me through some rough months of adjusting to our life as we moved around! Evan and I joked that I talked to Marin more last summer than I did anyone else!

So...Happy Birthday to my 40lb. lap dog! You are loved (probably too much)!

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