Monday, March 21, 2011

Doggie Bed for Marin Dog

We have become those people. We went from very normal, newlywed couple to totally obsessed puppy lovers.

Us before:

Look how happy we were. Completely into each other... We only had eyes for each other...

And then... there were three.
I'm talking about the dog, not the snowman. 

We welcomed Marin on New Years Eve. And 2011 was forever changed. We adore her. We probably talk more about our dog than any other topic. Like I said, we have become those people.

But we love her.

She has made us so outdoorsy. She now has her own backpack. She has a traveling water bowl. And we frequent the park at least 5 times a week and we watch less TV. She's made us better people!

So of course, she deserves a cute doggie bed, right?!

Here's what our little Marin dog slept on before. Ugly. Old. Green and cream.

She needed an update, but not a crazy, expensive one. I decided to make her a pillow case basically to hide the old comforter. I busted out my old sewing machine, had my wonderfully talented husband help me plan it out and went to town. I broke a needle in the process, but everyone survived. 

We now have a lovely gray and black extra large pillow case on our living room floor. I know it's not that difficult, but I am pretty proud of my novice sewing skills.  I even monogrammed it for her. 

How could you not love her?

I love basically free and super cute-- that applies to little Marin and her bed!


  1. Sarah, you and Evan did a fantastic job on Marin's bed! I am very proud of you, sewing buddy! So, when do you start on the curtains? Ha, just kidding! An Aggie joke....from Eagle Pass.....Memories!!!!

  2. Curtains are on my to-do list Mrs. Renee! I learned from the best! :) So glad Claire had rush that year... we got to bond!