Saturday, March 19, 2011

Springtime Crafts

Spring Break is heavenly. The teaching profession gets a few bonus points for the vacation time it allows. My life slows down. My time with my husband and dog increases. My house gets some much needed attention. All is well in the world.

Plus, spring break equal craft time in my mind. Last year, I was diligently planning our unforgettable wedding, so little crafts fell by the way side... but this year, we made up for it!

I'll start by showing this lovely whirly ball craft. My adorable husband saw this on a blog and thought of me and graciously said he'd help me do it! Amazing!

This was cheap, fun, messy and really easy. We got the idea from this fun diy blog. You'll need to have on hand:

cotton yarn--white
petroleum jelly
corn starch
warm water
Elmer's glue
tarp or drop cloth
broom or stick to hang balloons from
clear, finishing spray paint

Dog in the middle of your work space is not required. 
We blew up the balloons, spread out the tarp, and rigged up a broom hanging system between two chairs. Evan comes in handy for moments that require "rigging."

You mix up the corn starch, glue and water in a bowl. It gets really sticky, but it does all wash off, so don't worry. Rub the petroleum jelly on the balloons so that its easy to get them out at the end.

We cut really long pieces of yarn and dipped them in the mixture. This is where the two people really came in handy. Evan dipped the yarn and I started wrapping it around the balloons.

This is part way through. We ran out of goopy mixture, so we had to pause while I mixed up more. 

Once you finish wrapping, let them dry overnight. Then comes the fun part! You pop the balloon and pull it out of your new, lovely whirly ball!

Take them outside and spray them down with the clear finishing spray and voila! Fun, cheap, easy decorations! 

We decided to hang ours from a corner in our living room that needed a little love. But, the blog that gave us the inspiration shows them sitting in bowls too. I like them white, but I might end up spray painting them a fun color someday.

Little corner of happiness. 

We had fun! Hope you guys get a chance to try it out!

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  1. They look great!

    (We are the same person... I'm convinced now!)