Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mondays with Marin 3.0

Marin has several tricks up her sleeve paw that keep us entertained for hours (don't judge...she really is amazing). But on Saturday night, Marin learned a new trick and she had a little help from her crazy owner (if you're wondering, it's not me).

It all started when Evan found these at the church.

If it was me, I'd take one look at them and the only thought to enter my head would be, "I was so awkward on those in junior high...stupid rollerblading fad. Thank goodness it went out of style and I could save my dignity." And I would keep walking....

But my wonderful husband is not like me and never passes up an opportunity to do something random/funny/dangerous... so for him the logical thought was to stop, pick them up, and try them on.   In a stroke of luck (in his mind), they fit.

Way cooler than the plastic buckles my old skates had....

This leads to him getting his rollerblading groove back on in the church youth room. He came home with tales of 180s and skating backwards without falling... his confidence was soaring. With a Caesar Milan twinkle in his eye, Evan tells me of his next plan.

Rollerblading with Marin.

She wasn't into it at first, but she warmed up eventually. The skates themselves freaked her out but, I honestly think she was scared for Evan. Or maybe nervous he would fall on her. Either way, she was forced to tag along.

Notice the dress socks...

I walked with them for a while and then turned them loose, fully expecting to bust out the neosporin and bandaids upon their return, but just not wanting to see it happen in person.

Happily, my very sweaty husband and still very confused Marin came back with no scratches. It was a success!

So, to add to her repertoire of sit, stay, and shake, Marin can now say that she's fully capable of safely running beside an insane guy on wheels.

Way to go, MD. He's a lot to keep up with.

Done with the craziness. 

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  1. Evan, I applaud you! Joey used to go longboarding with Aussie--they LOVED it. And, eventually, Aussie knew the route and would just guide Joey the whole way. It was awesome!