Monday, May 23, 2011

"Daylor" Wedding

Our good friends Darrell and Taylor were married last week. I often have issues speaking and for some reason couples names run together in my head...therefore they are lovingly known as Daylor. My sweet friends Gabe and Megan are Gaben.... you get the picture.

They're married now, so its okay to combine their names. They are one.

Way back when, Taylor had asked me to help with the flowers at the happy event. I eagerly said yes, because I love any excuse to decorate, arrange and have fun with flowers. Plus I knew Taylor would be a great bride to work with. The first project was her bridal bouquet for pictures. This was the test run. I think it turned out gorgeous. So did her pics by Matt McElligott.

For the wedding, she decided on a very eclectic, laid back look. I loved her take on "colors." She chose a palette of colors and just let everything fall into place. For the table decor nothing really matched per se, but we had a general theme. Glass bottles and burlap. Twine and baby's breath. Herbs and rustic colors.
The baby's breath hanging out in the fridge. 
We started by collecting tons of glass bottles. Beer bottles, wine bottles, mason jars, anything really. This meant the boys got to play a part in emptying the bottles, so they were on board instantly. I soaked so many labels off of bottles my hands were pruny and I know Taylor did even more. But it was worth it.

Lots of bottles all over our porch. One man's junk....

Can be used beautifully! 

This was the lay out for the tables... just to make sure I had enough to go around.
I really enjoyed the whole process of planning, set up, arranging and being involved behind the scene. Evan was a huge help and our home group really came together to throw a great party. It was a super fun weekend!

My sink full of FLOWERS. Best its ever looked. 

Bridesmaids putting together their bouquets. 

The finished bouquets... so much happiness! 
The next day, Evan and I packed up to get to the venue bright and early.

This is where the husband and the truck came in handy. 
The work station. I took this kitchen over! 
This was a true family and friends affair. As soon as I had a few table setting arranged in kitchen, there were about five girls ready to run them out to the tables. So fun to work with all those friends.
A few pics of how it looked: The cake and desert table. 

A few weeks before we made the moss balls. The hard work paid off, they add a fun touch. To make: get styrofoam balls, moss and lots of hot glue. Make huge mess. Done. 
Very laid back and natural... like Taylor!

Bride and her maids with their personalized bouquets. 
Luis and Anna (our good friends) and my wonderfully helpful husband. 
Happy wedding and marriage to Darrell and Taylor! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day! I think the best part of the wedding may be their video by CandleLight Films. Here's a sneak peak of all the action. Watching this makes me wish I had one of these!

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